02/24/2021 | 09:00 PM (DURATION: 1 Hour)

US Business Overview Cubebit 2.0

Speaker: USA Leadership Team
Country: USA
Location: Virtual ()
Invitation: Public

Be our honored Guest for the USA Cubebit 2.0 "Business Opportunity Overview". Come see the final USA event leading up to the Virtual Launch in Dubai next weekend!

The Business Opportunity Overview will be presented the USA Leadership Team with a special update from our Master Global Ambassador- Romel Gurmiran.

Be sure to join us and invite your prospects and team members. Be part of this amazing movement!

Wednesday, February 24th 2021
9pm Eastern
8pm Central
6pm Pacific

28.02.2021 | 6:00 AM UTC Time (DURATION: 2 hours)

We are very excited to be inviting you to this year’s Virtual Launch on February 28 .

Speaker: Anna Melnychuk
Country: Global
Location: ()

The conference as many of you will know is a wonderful opportunity for the international digital community to gather and share our new ideas and approaches.

This year it is not only the introduction of our new visions but also a step forward in the development of the vast Cubebit ecosystem.

We have many wonderful speakers including an international team of developers and opinion leaders.

We believe that together we are going to be able to show you a bigger perspective and map your personal place and profit within it.

By allowing you to explore and experience our rich program including new travel and gamble opportunities.

We see it as a life-changing improvement Cubebit is so excited to share.


12 :00 MN | Hawaii 
6:00 AM | Pacific Time 
10:00 PM | Central Time 
04:00 AM | Eastern Time 
06:00 PM | London / UK 
07:00 PM | Amsterdam / Norway 
08:00 AM Zambia
9:00 AM | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
10:00 AM | Dubai, UAE 
11:00 AM | Pakistan 
11: 30 AM | India
12:00 NN | Bangladesh 
01:00 PM | Indonesia/ Vietnam/ Laos/ Thailand
02:00 PM | Philippines / Malaysia

| 2 PM UTC time (DURATION: 2 hours)

Ecosystem training

Speaker: Maria Vovchok
Location: (http://cubebit-training.com)
Invitation: We are thrilled to invite you to our weekly ecosystem training!

Hosted By: Anna Melnychuk - Community Manager

Trainer: Maria Vovchok - Investor Relations at Startup Network and Conference Moderator at Geekle, she also holds many other positions including Ambassador at Blockchain Association in Ukraine and Crypto Journalist Ambassador at Trustee Wallet, finally she is also a member at Blockchain Ladies.

Date: 05.02. 2021

 4:00 AM | Hawaii 
6:00 AM | Pacific Time 
8:00 AM | Central Time 
9:00 AM | Eastern Time 
2:00 PM | London / UK 
3:00 PM | Amsterdam / Norway 
4:00 PM |Zambia
5:00 PM | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
6:00 PM | Dubai, UAE 
7:00 PM | Pakistan 
7: 30 PM | India
8:00 PM | Bangladesh 
9:00 PM | Indonesia/ Vietnam/ Laos/ Thailand
10:00 PM | Philippines / Malaysia



Connect with us on our social media for more updates


Connect with us on our social media for more updates